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iPhone on AT&T or iPhone on Verizon?

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Yup, that’s my phone.  1st Gen 4GB model

So I have had my iPhone for a little over 3 years now.  I’m sold.  Not a fanboy by any means but I don’t see my self moving to another phone in the foreseeable future.  Not until someone knocks the iPhone from it’s throne of awesomeness.

AT&T on the other hand… Let me say the positive things first.

Rollover. Rollover was great when I was in a plan that was close to my usage.  I had to upgrade from the 400 minute plan and I was looking for a 600 or 800 but no. The next level up was 1400. Well it was cheaper than the overage charges. Barely.Umm what else?  Yeah, I can’t think of any other positives.

I have never felt like I was getting a good deal with AT&T.  But this post isn’t meant to be a rant on AT&T’s crappy service and lame billing.  Really it’s not.

So here we go.

Verizon just announced that they will be selling me an iPhone selling iPhones.  I’ve got a month to decide where I’ll be getting my iPhone4.  If it were today it would be Verizon.  No contest.  But I hold no animosity towards AT&T even though I want to.  It was just a business decision. A legalized monopoly if you will.  I can’t really blame them for that, if I had the chance I would have probably done something pretty similar.

But I was thinking about it, what would AT&T have to do to convince me to stay.  Here goes.

To keep me as a customer AT&T would have to offer me:

  • a 500-900 minute range plan for under $60
  • Keep my huge mass of rollover minutes that I’ll never use on my current plan.
  • UNLIMITED texting
  • current data plans are fine but I want tethering without an extra charge
  • family plan for as many iPhones as I want
  • Basically I want my total bill for 2 iPhones and one other phone to be under $150.  Right now I’m paying more than that for 1 iPhone and 2 regular phones.

If AT&T won’t give me that I’ll take whatever Verizon is selling because I’m just sick of feeling screwed every time I look at my bill.

Enhanced by ZemantaSo what’s your take? What would it take to convince you to get in iPhone on AT&T?