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Two Middle Names

So there I was… I had just finished writing the last post on Monday evening when Yani started complaining about strong cramping and pains starting in her lower back and moving to her abdomen. Now being the over paranoid father that I am, I had practically memorized page 179 in the “what to expect when you’re expecting” wonder book and calmly (OK, not very calmly) got up and proceeded to pack the car with hospital stuff while convincing Yani that “Yes, this means you are moving into phase two of labor”. She didn’t believe me and almost talked me into letter her go to bed to get her belly to relax. Then they started getting painful. OK, that was it. I grabbed the sleeping kids and finished throwing everything into the car. So we got the kids dropped off and hopped on the freeway. Now it’s normally a good 45 minutes to the hospital but for some reason at 12:30 in the morning, there are not tons of cars on the road and we managed to make it in about 20 minutes. Gee, I didn’t feel like I was really going that fast. So we almost didn’t get an epidural. You would think that with all the reading that book, I would have clued in earlier and been able to get to the hospital without the huge rush. Oh well. So he was born at about 4:22 AM. And we didn’t have a name, we had about 30. So then we remembered the ol’ Cat in the Hat and practiced a little calculatus eliminatus. Got it down to three names. So we went with all three. So we got home today. The kids are super happy to have a new little brother. I am super happy to have a little boy with ten fingers and ten toes. He even behaves really well. What more could I ask for? Oh, how bout a sexy wife. Yeah, got that too.