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I Have a Truman Again

Yes, it’s true. Truman Pratt is coming back to Utah.  Some of you may remember Truman from such episodes as Aug 20 2005, and A Sad Sad Day.

I remember Truman from the times he has saved me tons of money is car repairs and advice.  If you are current on your past events you know that Truman has been out of the state for a few years.  Well Will’s wife bumped into him at the Temple not long ago and found out that they are coming back.  He’s setting up shop in American Fork until they can find a more permanent location.

I have had another car guy while Truman has been gone as seen here:  I Found a New Car Guy!  But he just wasn’t a Truman. Close, though. If you’re in Salt Lake County, he might be the one for you.  If you are in Utah county, Truman is your man.  Maybe I’ll be able to find a link to his website… Stay tuned.