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How to Use the Gallery Thing

So I wanted to try out a gallery for my posts.  This one here looks like a decent gallery. I have tested it out and it works fine.  So now the challenge is to create a post where it’s appropriate to use an image gallery.  That’ll come next I suppose.

I also don’t want to have to go look up the options somewhere online.  Maybe I’ll just post them here…

SmoothGallery options

Here are the most common options for SmoothGallery. If you need more: have a look at the top of the file utils.php that comes with this plugin.

Option Short version Default value
showArrows a, arrows true
showCarousel c, carousel false
showInfopane i, info, infoPane true
embedLinks l, links true
timed t false
delay d 9000

I added some more options that aren’t part of SmoothGallery. They help you to customize the dimensions and other CSS related parameters.

Option Short version Default value
height h 345
width w 460
bordercolor b, border 000