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Hey, I’m Picasso



Once again, the realization that all art classes was a bad idea has been hammered home. If you have regular classes, you get a couple papers maybe. Maybe a couple of tests. A lot of studying. I tend to cram pretty well though. If you have all art classes, you get all final projects. Luckily I managed to pull off the one class that I was really worried about. But here I am 4 days after my last final presentation and I am still recovering from lack of sleep. A couple things I have decided: I can actually draw. I can also paint to some extent. I really do love Photography. Since I haven’t had any painting classes yet the painting thing came as kind of a surprise. Sure I’m no Michelangelo or Picasso but let me show you my Picasso rip off. (my color theory final project) I actually plan on continuing to draw and paint. I don’t know if I’ll ever try to sell my work but who knows? And another thing, if anyone ever tells you that Picasso wasn’t an artist and that they could do just as well, they are a moron.