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Gas Mileage

Jari-Matti Latvala driving his Stobart's Ford ...

Zemanta thinks this post is about how awesome my Kia Sephia is in rally races.

So about 6 months ago I got the Kia registered again and decided I needed to know what was the absolute best gas mileage I could get with it.  So I made a list of hyper-mile techniques that I would try and those I wouldn’t.  Each tank of gas I add one to my driving habits and monitor the mileage.  Last tank I finally crossed the 40 MPG mark and I figure that since it was so hard to reach I probably wouldn’t reach it again.  Well I filled up this morning and hit 41.3 MPG.

So after my fill-up this morning I started wondering what my mileage would be if I didn’t care. You know, if I just drove like everyone else.  So this tank of gas will be a little different.  No more shifting below 2500 RPM, no more coasting as much as possible, no more easing off the line at green lights, and no more turning off the car at the Chick-Fil-A drive-thru.  And man the ride to work was fun. I had forgotten what it’s like to feel some sideways Gs.  So please if you see me driving like I am preparing for a rally race just keep in mind, it’s in the name of science and it’s just for this tank. That means a maximum of 294 more miles.

UPDATE:  That was fun. And now it’s over. But something weird happened in my week of just driving however I felt like. (Which came out oddly like a rally race. Wow, didn’t see that coming.) My car is rated at 32 MPG and for this test tank of gas I still managed to pull 36.13 MPG out of it.  Maybe there’s something broken that just needs to be broken.

  • Gee-Rant

    Isn’t this a repost from last year or the year before?

  • troygroberg

    No, the best mileage I ever got before was about 37 MPG. Do you not like the Hyper-miling posts?

  • Gee-Rant

    No, I like them. I try to hypermile as well. I only put 2 gallons of gas in my car and I have taken out the back seat.