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Be Not Ashamed

I don’t really like confrontation.  Even being present during a confrontation makes me uncomfortable.  That’s only normal I think but I think I take it to an extreme.

When I started this blog I was very aware that anyone could come see it and for the most part I have avoided saying things and phrasing things in a way that might offend someone.  Even when my friends soon-to-be-x-wife asked me to go on a road trip with her, I tried to downplay it a little bit.

Well I’m done with that.  In this day and age it’s impossible to have an opinion without offending someone.  And I’m tired of it.  Not only that, but I think it’s wrong.

In 2006 Elder David A. Bednar gave a fantastic talk on choosing to be offended or not.  If you haven’t read the talk, think about it for a minute.  Who makes you offended? it’s the same person who makes you mad. There’s only one person that can make you offended. When someone chooses to be offended at my words or actions it really shouldn’t matter to me at all.  If I am doing what I believe to be right, why should I care who gets offended?

Now, just a note: In now way does this give license to be offensive. That’s something completely different.  Please refer to George Washington’s rules of civility for guidelines on how to act in the presence of others.

So where am I going with this?  Where’s the “so what?”

For a long time I’ve know that some of my visitors aren’t religious and been careful not to sound “preachy” because I didn’t want to offend them.  Well, not anymore.  Sorry, if you still want to come here… Doh! There I go apologizing for saying what I think.  Gotta stop that…

  • http://twitter.com/unculturedswine Joel Jenkins

    A few years ago I heard Bronco Mendenhall speak on being a Disciple of Christ; and how we covenant to be one in ALL times, in ALL places, and in ALL things. Not when it’s convenient, not when you think 1 or 2 people might get uncomfortable with it, but ALL the time.

    I’m still working on it. But it’s something I strive to accomplish. Who am I to be ashamed of my beliefs? If I’m ashamed or embarrassed, then my beliefs don’t run very deep.