Wide World o ZuTroy

Aug 20 2005

My server was down. Now it is back up. I got a new phone. I accidentally got a really nice one. Hey it was free. Yani is going part time. Jonathan is starting Kindergarten. I am headed back as well, I just haven’t registered and school starts Wednesday. This should be interesting. What do you suppose the odds are of me getting all the classes I need to get my associates this semester? We went to the annual Moon-Lake-athon again. I got burned pretty bad this time. I haven’t had a burn that bad since I was a kid. My car broke (was sabotaged?). I took it to a new place. Easy Lube. Run by a guy named Truman Pratt. I think I may have just found the worlds last real honest mechanic. Ok I ‘m sure there are still several out there. I was ready to pay for a new alternator. He let me know that it looked like the cable had come loose (was loosened by Big-O tire?) and I didn’t need a new alternator after all. He just tightened things up and recharged the battery and charged me a small service fee.