Wide World o ZuTroy

And More Milestones

Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it. Ok, so what has happened? Well, I will have a new baby by the time most of you read this. He is due on Saturday. That’s closer than the other two kids made it by several days. So I finally feel ready for the new addition to the family. At the latest, he will be born on Wednesday. I kinda suspect that he may arrive on Tuesday. We’ll see. I also started the ultimate weight loss challenge. Paul and I weighed in a week ago. I won’t give the results because there may be some people reading this that assume that I am still in good shape. Well, this will be going for 3 months. Then we will weigh in again and see who has lost the greater percentage. What else… Oh I opened my first business bank account last week. Tomorrow I will be writing myself my first paycheck. How’s that for a milestone? Main10 (as we are calling it) provides web management for companies who either can not justify hiring a full time webmaster or can’t get the expertise they need in the number of headcount they have clearance to hire. As it is turning out, most companies would prefer to have development done by the same group that will be providing the maintenance. Can’t argue with that. So here’s what I need. I am looking for a number of people who would be available for some side work. Specifically, I would like someone with some good project management skills. I will be needing several high level HTML monkeys. Yes, more people like me. No Dreamweaver here. Yeah, I need several of those. I will also need a good supply of talented programmers. I already have a couple and yes I do know quite a few others already but most of them are a little busy with their high paying gigs right now so I need some more. I will also be needing a good sales person with some good technical understanding. Of course, maybe you just know someone that could use these services. We will be paying out a unique referral fee just for sending anyone my way so let me know.