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A Prophet’s Voice

I listened to a fantastic talk by Elder Boyd K Packer this last weekend.  He articulated what I have been feeling for quite some time.  I have been saddened by all the “church members” who have gone public voicing their concern that the church is being intolerant and hateful.  Not so much at the going public, but more at the pridefulness of a “follower of Christ” that has the density and audacity to tell a Prophet of God that he’s wrong.  By virtue of the fact that he has been called as a prophet he is not wrong.  I realize that there are those that say “that’s just your opinion” and “I don’t believe in that so it can’t be right”.  Well I think this has happened before.  Let’s think about how that turned out…

Sometimes I wonder if the people in Noah’s time were organized in asking/telling Noah to stop telling them that they were sinning.  I imagine they formed some anti chastisement groups and organized some protests where they marched around the construction site where Noah was building an ark.  I imagine they put together some petitions to tell Noah that he was wrong and that God didn’t understand them.  They probably even told Noah to go back and explain to God that times had somehow changed and that what had always been considered as a sin needed to be removed from the sin category and moved into the acceptable category.

The Siege and Destruction of Jerusalem by the ...I imagine it was fairly similar when Lehi preached on the impending destruction of Jerusalem brought by the hands of the Babylonians.  They probably told Lehi that he was out of touch and that he was close minded.  He needed to change his views. And when he kept telling them that they would be destroyed, they got mad enough and tried to kill him.  I suspect they were also organized in this effort because Lehi was commanded to leave the city and told his kids that they needed to go get the brass plates from Laban, not him.

And I wonder what it was like for Lot and his family.  I imagine his wife was actually part of the “friends and family of the soon to be destroyed club” I imagine it became hostile enough that Lot didn’t go around preaching repentance.  Now Lot wasn’t a prophet but still, the Lord saw fit to rescue him before the hellfire and brimstone came raining down.

So what do you all think? Has God change his views on what is sin and what isn’t?  I think it’s time to choose sides.  Time to separate the wheat from the tares. If you’re on the fence, just keep in mind what has happened every other time in history when the people decided that the Prophet didn’t speak for the Lord.

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  • Not on the fence

    Fantasic post Zutroy, I agree whole heartedly. It blows my mind that people think that God would just suddenly change his mind on what is right and what is sin.
    This is not a church for fence sitters, this is a church for earnest seekers of the truth, and those that have a testimony will have no problem taking the advice and council of the prophet. remember “the wicked take the truth to be hard”.

  • http://thinkinator.blogspot.com/ Wilgrobe

    I few years back, one of the many conference talks was on not having debt and paying off even our houses if possible. They used an example of people cashing out retirement to pay off their houses. I had a neighbor who shortly afterward told me that while he had more than enough in his retirement, he needed to leave it where it was instead of taking the early withdrawal penalty from his 401k. He continued that the brethren just didn’t understand what all of us little people go through and that they need to get more in touch. I cringed when I heard him say it, because normally, I thought of him as very active and faithful. This statement was well on the way down the road to apostasy. What is so hard in understanding that they speak, not just for God, but God’s words to us. There is not, nor can be, anyone who knows more than God. So why do people have such a hard time trusting him?

  • Anonymous

    An amazing example of seeing Gods wisdom just a little too late. I wonder how much his retirement is worth now.

    It’s amazing how easy it is even for the best of us to get caught in the trap of pride and assume that the words of a prophet are not inspired and meant specifically for us as individuals.

    I would wager that less than 1% of the people who could have acted on that counsel did act on it.