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The Bad Dentist

You may remember that I have had dental work done in the past. I have been going to the same dentist for over 10 years. And I was really happy with him. Mostly because I hadn’t really thought about it or compared dentists now that I think about it.

A few years ago I started have issues with crowns breaking and fillings falling out.  When I went to Dr Noot to have them fixed he would say the same thing each time. “yeah, that wasn’t one of mine. You must have gone to someone pretty bad before.” which was true, I had gone to a real loser of a dentist before that.  After 2 years of hearing the same old story about how his crows didn’t break and his work was so solid I started to wonder. “How many crowns have I had? I didn’t remember having so many done before I started coming to Dr Noot.” So I counted. And recounted. Yeah, that’s what I thought.  These are his crowns.

So I was pretty mad. I decided I was going to get a new dentist. But before I could I had am emergency. (wait for it…) Another crown broke. And there was a cavity underneath it. And it HURT.  I was unemployed at the time and money was really tight so I wanted to not get ripped off again.  So I called and asked “how much will it cost to get X-rays and a cleaning so you can tell me how much this will cost to fix.”

Now, bear in mind, I was planning on getting the work done in Mexico. My dad has saved $thousands getting his work done in a little town just across the border called Los Algodones. I was planning on hitching a ride with him the next week if it was going to be more than $200 to fix this tooth.

So, they quoted me $78 to get a cleaning and X-rays.  That’s good enough I decided.  So I went to my appointment and got the X-rays.  It took them 4 trys to get the X-rays right. And then he starts poking around at my tooth. “I’m going to numb this for you” he says.  He could tell it was hurting my pretty bad.  It went numb instantly. That’s one thing I always liked about Dr Noot. He got my mouth numb enough. Most dentists don’t.  A little while later he’s finishes poking around at my tooth and tells me I’m going to need an onlay. And then he explains what that is, blah blah blah.  So then I go to pay my $78 and they give me a bill for over $800!

Yes, that’s right. more than 10 times what they had quoted me.  I was stunned. This hadn’t ever happened to me.  They wanted me to pay the full amount before I left.  “I only have $200 in my account” I said.

“Ok, then you can pay $200 today and we’ll schedule the rest later”

Then when they called me to schedule my next appointment I told them I can’t afford for them to do the onlay.  I had just started my new job and I would get it done eventually but I just didn’t have the money to do it. “Oh, he has already created it. You just need to have it put on which is free. You already owe us the whole amount.”  Wait, I wanted X-rays and a cleaning. For $78.

So I told them that I hadn’t agreed to that. I was mad.  Really mad. So then they just let it go after the same conversation a couple more times.  Or so I thought.

A couple weeks ago I get a collection in the mail.  Dr. Noot had sent the bill to collections. Now that’s taking care of your customers.

So here’s my advice to you. If you’re in Pleasant Grove, or American Fork, do your self a favor and don’t go to Dr. Noot.  It’ll seem all good at first but it’ll come back to hurt you later.