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Rain in the Summer Time

So for the trip down to Florida I burned a bunch of MP3 discs.  I didn’t have time to really think through them or sort out what order things were in.  So every time a new song would come on it was a little bit of a guess what it would be.  Most of the time I had no clue. And quite often a good song would come on that I hadn’t heard for a long time.  One in particular that I enjoyed a couple times (not sure why it was in there more than once) was The Alarm, Rain in the Summer Time.

Such a good song. And so appropriate.  We have had rain almost every day since I got here.  Which brings me to another thing. If you have an iOS device, go get this app. http://darkskyapp.com/  It gives me a little chime about 5 minuted before it rains.  And it’s quite accurate in its predictions.