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Immigration Rant

I met a bunch of migrant workers this week.  Some of them legal, most not.  The ones that are not here legally are very interesting.  They speak about their legality in a very matter-of-fact way.  They know they are here breaking the law. They don’t try to get a driver license. They don’t try to get auto insurance. But they drive and they just don’t care. If they get in an accident they try to disappear before any cops show up. They don’t have any interest in making the US a better place.  They are here to milk it for what they can and then head home to their country to retire early and live on what they have saved.  Many of them have many thousands of dollars saved up.  Most of the money has been sent home.  I met one guy who sends the money home to his wife and kids, he loves them very much, but he still has a woman here that he lives with.  His wife has pretty complete knowledge of what is happening and they are all good with it.

What do you get when you cross an octopus with a Mexican?

These guys are all here doing work that Americans won’t do.  Will. Not. Do. These are hard working people that are trying to do what they see as morally right.  They don’t want to resort to crime to make a living, they’re out in the sun all day picking strawberries and tomatoes.  But it’s interesting to see the effect it has on their kids.  The kids are brought up knowing that the police are the enemy and that they don’t need to respect rule of law.  It’s not a surprise that so many of the second generation do end up in a life of crime.

Mostly I’m just rambling.  Immigration is a mess.  Believe me, I know. My wife is an immigrant.  We went through the legal channels to get her here legally.  That took almost two years.  After a few more years she became a citizen and she’s as American as you or I. And knowing the money and time we spent to do it legally, it really frustrates me to see all these people with absolutely no respect for our laws come here and skip what we had to go through.  Getting visas for my in-laws was an even bigger headache. But we still did it. Legally.

What we need is a way to allow these migrant workers to come here more easily, legally, and temporarily. They don’t want to become Americans but they do want to do the work that we need and won’t do ourselves.  There has to be a good solution.  Politicians, figure this out.  That’s what we pay you for.