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Death and Perspective

The only time I have ever killed a deer was several years ago. I strongly believe in not making animals suffer but that they are here for us and it’s our right and sometimes our responsibility to harvest them. (Take that PETA!) So when I shot my first deer I was carefull to shoot for a sure kill and not maim him.

I was also hunting with another guy who was a little younger than I was. We had both taken quite a few shots at this deer and it kept dodging the bullets (NEO?) Finally it ran over the hill. So off we went, and there it was, just standing with it’s butt pointing straight at us. Neither of wanted to hit in in the hind quarters and ruin all the meat so we both drew a bead and waited for him to turn his head.

I was aiming at the juglar. He was aiming at the brain. Both good places to get a sure kill. And then he turned. Two shots rang out (even though I only heard one) and the deer spun around and fell right there. I knew one of us had a good hit. And no doubt about it, it hadn’t suffered. (except at being annoyed at having to dodge our first volley).

It was only about 20 paces off and by the time we got there, it had bled out completely. We had both hit our targets And the image of the hot pool of blood on the ground has stayed with me.

I don’t regret killing the deer. We split a lot of good meat. But I haven’t killed one since. Mostly because of how busy I am but partly becuase I don’t like the “taking a life” part of hunting. Right now, I’m doing ok with the supermarket.

This morning I was inconvenienced on the way to work by some slow traffic. Lots of cops, a fire truck or two, but no ambulance. I knew the accident had just happened and it looked serious. Then when I got close, I saw the motorcycle. And the semi truck. And a pool of blood. I knew that pool of blood. Humans don’t have much more blood than my deer did. It could only mean one thing. I knew why there was no ambulance. My heart sank. It’s been about 6 hours and I’ve just had my suspicions confirmed by KSL news. I know what instantly means. I’ve seen it before. I’m not sure exactly what this will change in my life yet but I have certainly spent a good deal of time thinking about it today.

To the family of the motocyclist, my sincerest regrets. If it can be of any comfort, know that he didn’t suffer. That doesn’t change the “taking a life part”. That’s hard enough to bare. I can’t imagine including the suffering along with the loss of life.