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Hyper-miler – Hyper-failure

So there’s been a lot of talk about gas mileage and such lately. I have even done my own experiments to see what really makes a difference in my gas mileage.

Then I read about these Hyper-milers a few weeks ago. Turning off the car and coasting on the freeway, drafting behind big-rig trucks, altering your driving routes to avoid “low mileage zones” mostly just common sense things. Except for the drafting behind a huge hunk of metal with the car turned off, that one kinda screams out “Kill me now!”

So I decided that if some schmuck in Phoenix can get over 100MPG in his little car, I could probably get to 50 or 60 in my wonder-mobile. So I tried all of it except for turning off the car on the freeway. I drafted everywhere, I avoided every red light I could, I coasted every possible chance I had, I turned off the car at almost every stoplight. It seemed like it was going well too. Out of my 10 gallon tank I managed to squeeze about 360 miles. Official Mileage upon refill: 37.8 MPG

Hmmm I really expected it to be over 40 or 45. “Hmmm, maybe there’s something wrong with my car that’s really hurting the mileage.”

So I ran another test. Fuel conscious but normal driving, decent speed on the freeway without drafting, turn the car off in the drive-thous and predictable lights, getting into high gear as soon as possible without overdoing it. But then I threw in a high speed drive up the canyon because I was going to be late for a round of golf. Still with the bad fuel economy there, I managed to end up with an MPG of 35.7.

So yeah, I don’t see the big deal with these hyper-milers.