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Where’s the “So What?”

I had a professor in college that was always telling us to find the “So what?”.  When we wrote a paper, it had to have a “so what?” or he would make us start over.  I have really tried to make that a part of my communication because I have the tenancy to make a story longer than shorter, to ramble on little bit, to give three examples when one would suffice.

Chat bubbles

I’ve been able to do pretty well with it in speaking I think.  As long as I don’t have to tell a story to lead up to something I can keep it short and to the point.  And I make sure that I’m not talking just to talk. I talk when I need to say something.  I have several friends that I consider close friends that I haven’t really spoken to for months at a time.  It’s not that I don’t want to talk to them, it’s that I’m busy and they’re busy and I don’t have a “so what?” to go talk to them about.  But when I do it’s a good but often short conversation.

I think the “so what?” idea especially applies when I’m chatting with someone over IM during working hours.  I know I’m busy, and the other person is probably busy so I keep it short and to the point.  But then I have this one friend that I see every month or so and I chat with him once or twice each week, sometimes less.  But in all that seeing and chatting I can only think of one “so what?” in the last year that he has wanted to talk about when he starts chatting. And it drives me crazy.  Not crazy enough to lecture him on it but crazy enough to write a post about it.

So here’s my “so what?” for my friends, family and colleagues:

I love to hear from you but please have a “so what?” if you are going to chat with me.

  • Anonymous

    And just to clarify, Joel I’m not talking about you. You always have a good “so what?”

  • Anonymous

    He did it again today. Several minutes of messaging – 0 “so what?”