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The Current and Somehow Unclear Housing Situation

Sometimes I think and talk about something so much that I just start to expect everyone to have thought about it at least somewhat when in fact most people haven’t thought about it at all. I have to stop and remind myself that “Hey, people have a lot on their plates. They don’t have time to spend thinking about the same things as you”. And then I sit down and start blogging. Sometimes things don’t come out as clearly as I think they do. So let’s do a little clarification. I sold my condo. I am not buying a new residence until I feel that the housing market has settled down. If we had bought the house we wanted 6 months ago, we would have already lost more equity than I’ll be paying in rent over the next 2 years. Yes, I am renting a house. I actually am quite glad. Even if the housing market were stable and steadily climbing, I have found things that I didn’t really pay any attention to before that I have now developed strong feelings about. Things about how the house is laid out; the laundry closer to the bedrooms yet in a space of its own, even more closets, a door between the master bedroom and the master bath, stairs down to the middle of the basement as opposed to coming down on one far side, a sports closet near the garage for things like golf clubs etc., a dining room that is a little more separated from the living spaces, a walk-out basement. I could go on but those are the major ones. Now, don’t get me wrong. I’m not complaining about the current house. In fact I am quite happy with it. I like it so much in fact that I consider the long drive a small price to pay for it. And I don’t mind knowing that I’ll never get any of that rent money back, I’ll be able to find/build something of my own sooner than if I had to sell the current house. Also, the rent is less than the interest on a mortgage would have cost me had I locked one in a couple months ago. So just in case anyone is keeping track, since Aug 31 that’s five blogs posts for me and one for Grant.