Wide World o ZuTroy

Growing up with Technology

I remember when I was growing up and we got our first microwave, first color TV, first push-button phone, first answering machine, the list goes on.

My son is turning 10 next month and I was just wondering what it is like to not be able to fathom a world without any of these things.

We just got him setup with his first email address yesterday. And he was so excited. I have received about 15 emails from him already. One that caught my eye was a one-liner about how technology is cool. I think he gets it but I still wonder. And I know he is going to read this and email me something about it too.

I am amazed how much of my life is dependent on the Internet now. I wonder what I would do without it. I barely remember how to write a paper check. I don’t what I would do if I needed the know the annual rainfall of Sri Lanka, I suppose I would try the library but I can’t remember the Dewey Decimal system and I wouldn’t even know where to begin. I could spend a whole afternoon just to find out that it’s 2540 mm to over 5080 depending on what part of the island you are on. And shopping… I don’t suppose I would have any clue how to find a good price on anything. I wouldn’t know what most of my relatives are doing and I would still have to attend high school reunions to know what old high school friends are up to. I would have had to buy a ton of books to understand marketing but then, 90% of what I know would be irrelevant.

I remember my second quarter in college, there was this rich Japanese kid in my Chem 106 class that had a cell phone. One time it rang during class. The whole class stopped. “Hello. Yeah I’m in a class right now. blah blah blah… Ok, I’ll call you later” Even the professor politely waited for him to answer the call, chat for a minute and hang up. We all didn’t want to be rude so we all just patiently waited. And then we went on, honored that we had been able to witness such an amazing thing. I had seen it happen in movies but I didn’t know what to do when it happened in real life.