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A Color Wheel

This semester I don’t have any of those annoying generals where you have to write one of those papers you have absolutely no interest in. In fact, I don’t have to write a single paper this term. I was thinking how sweet that was and then I got my midterm assignment for my color theory class. A color wheel. Sounds easy enough right? Well, I guess it was easy, just time consuming. Most color wheels have 6 colors. Some fancy ones have 12. This one had to have 168 colors. I was trying to decide between a big clock and a globe that I could keep in my office. So why not do both. Mixing the paint is the hard part right? How bout a little visual narrative.

color_wheel2_big color_wheel3_big color_wheel4_big color_wheel5_big
Step1: – 1 hour
Preliminary sketches.
Step2: – 8 hours
Map out lines and paint first 8 sections.
Step3: – 4 hours
Paint next 4 sections. Redo one section.
Step5: – 9 hours
Paint remaining 12 sections. Redo one more.