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The Best Form of Customer Validation – Cold Hard Cash

I hate working on my own car.  I grew up pulling engines, repairing transmissions, replacing all kinds of dirty greasy parts. I’m glad I did and that I still remember how. But I really can’t stand it.  I don’t even like to check my own oil. However, I really hate getting ripped off by dishonest mechanics too so I still do a lot of my own car repairs.  If you have a Truman of course, it’s not an issue.

bigstock-car-mechanic-examining-car-sus-38663407A few years back I was wondering how many people out there are like me who will pay money to have someone else do the maintenance.  I even started to do a little customer validation on it but I didn’t really chase after it very hard because I was busy chasing another business idea.  At the same time I was battling with the idea that I was going to either have to find myself a new Truman or start working on my own cars again.

Well This time I moved across the country and in my search for a new Truman I happened to make a really good friend.  And yes, he turned out to be another Truman.  His name is Joe.

So I mentioned my idea to Joe.  It’s basically a monthly membership to have someone take care of all the auto maintenance; check and top off the fluids, change the oil, check the belts and hoses, etc.  Of course the real money is made like any other mechanic shop, the maintenance memberships are just to create a solid customer base. We discussed the idea for a couple hours while working on my power steering pump.  At the end we decided that we needed to explore it a little more. Joe volunteered to do some customer validation with his past clients.  On the way to visit a new perspective client he drew up some figures that should work.  Then pitched the alternative auto maintenance plan to them and guess what. They liked it. They even signed up their fleet of 72 cars.  And nothing says “I’m interested in your new business” like that signature and some cold hard cash in your pocket.

You can take that customer feedback to the bank.