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The Anti-MLM

All my friends will tell you that I hate MLM. Having got my start in the web industry working at an ISP that was MLM I have been exposed to all the reasons to hate MLMs. So I thought. I have since become familiar with the likes of other MLMs: make up, heath products, crazy foreign country juice, crazy foreign country juice II (which tastes much better by the way), “we sell everything” websites, legal services, business services and now telecommunications.

I’ve heard it all. I’ve consulted with corporate, dealt with over zealous distributors (you know the type), mingled with creative directors for some, helped my wife market her own make up sales, and sat in meetings with principles. I have dealt with just about every possible angle of MLM and though I appreciate what some of them are doing, I still hate MLM. So when Perry called me and wanted me to listen to his new opportunity, I agreed to listen but I had already made my decision. There’s nothing anyone could have said that would make me want to sign up for an MLM.

But then they (he brought a friend) showed me that I could get the same services that I am already using without paying some weird inventive premium for the privilege of helping a friend build his downline. AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, Sprint, Qwest local and long distance, Direct TV. I could also get a VoIP phone for home for less than Vonage and it has better quality. I got to demo the video phone. OK, no kidding, that was cool. Then they told me about their strategy for building their network. “Wait, so you don’t want me to just go sign up everyone in my family? This is different. This actually… dare I say it… makes sense. Did I just hear me correctly there? Did I just say it makes sense?!?! Hmmmmm I’ll have to think about this.”

So I did it, I signed up. If you are out of contract on your cell plan, go to my version of the ACN wireless site and sign up for a new plan.

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    Hi, now I would also like to say that I do believe residuals are harder to come by in affiliate marketing compared to MLM. My niche happens to have more than others. Reselling domains and hosting happens to be the reason I was able to quit my 9 to 5 four years ago (residuals alone) so I have to defend the system that has been working for me. I don’t mind other opinions, but facts only please. :) @Pamela