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Free Market and the Airlines

So the government is toying with the idea of regulating airline prices.  Just because one airline wants to start charging extra for your carry-on luggage.  Now a Senator from NY thinks he can figure out the fair market price that airlines should charge for various fees.  How can he think he can possibly have a clue what the real cost of goods are?

How have we arrived at a place where anyone in the government feels it is their place to decide how a company makes ends meet?

When the government backs away completely from a market where there is healthy competition between companies, the consumers get a better price and a service level that fits with their expectations.  If an airline wants to charge me for overhead storage, I’m fine with that. As long as my overall travel costs are lower.  I can travel with surprisingly little baggage if it means that I’m going to travel on the cheap.

What’s going to happen in a true free market is that the competition and the market will find the right price points.  And they’ll be fair.

Personally if I were the CEO of an airline, I would set it up when the passenger pays a base fee for a seat on the plane. Then they pay an additional fee for the amount of weight they are bringing on board, including the passenger.  They just walk up to the ticket counter and hop on the scale with all their bags.  That way if someone needs to bring 400 pounds of baggage they can.  If I want to travel with one small carry-on and my laptop, I can. And I’ll get a screaming deal.

All you people who feel you are entitled to sit there in your seat with 3 carry-ons and 4 checked bags and pay the same as someone who is requiring much less of the airline need to move to Europe.