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Do You Know Who You’re Sitting Next To?

Bill gates posted a really interesting picture to Twitter today.  http://twitpic.com/4cc7up.  Take a look at that picture.  Here’s the richest man in the world (depending on how his stocks are valued compared to Warren Buffet and the Walton kids. And that guy in Mexico) and he’s just sitting on the ground with a bunch of people who have probably never heard of him.  I wonder if they have any concept of just how much money this man and his wife control.

I wonder how often this happens to me.  I know some rather successful people here in Utah and have bumped into them in public on occasion.  Usually I’m with people who don’t know who we just bumped into and they don’t ever really grasp it.  I remember bumping into Ray Noorda back in the day and had I not already know him I would of thought he had less money than me.  He was a real down to earth guy.

But then I think there’s the time when I was a waiter at the Olive Garden. There were two LDS people on the staff and we were both working in the same section that day.  In walks newly ordained Apostle Jeffery R Holland and his family.  She picked up his table and was acting quite calm and collected about the whole thing.  So I had to stop and ask her “Do you know who you are waiting on?”  She didn’t.

And that got me wondering, who else has crossed my path that I should have recognized and didn’t.

So how can I know who I should know but don’t?

At one point or another we have all sat next to that guy in the diner that we haven’t ever seen before but somehow ended up talking with him for half an hour.  I imagine he has met quite a few people over the years who he already knew but didn’t recognize.  And I imagine it works out pretty good for his networking.

What if you or I were to try that?  You know, just sit down and start talking with people. Introduce yourself, talk about the other person, ask some good questions to understand what that person does, explore things you have in common.  I bet that more times than not you end up with a good contact to put in your rolodex.  And I bet that on occasions you even meet someone who you already know, know of, or want to get to know better.

Of course this is all just speculation.  Only one way to find out.

  • Gee-Rant

    I know you I am not sitting next to. Someone who posts to their blogs frequently. Step up your game.

  • troygroberg

    I’m pretty sure this is English. What exactly does this mean? Is Strongbad writing your comments now Grant?