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Day and Night

I read a lot of business columns. Most of the time I find wise people with good advice.  Like this guy.


I had a boss once (Curt Porrit) that told me that “the reason business exists is to make life better for people.  The question then becomes ‘does it make life better for the few at the expense of the masses or better for the masses, sometimes at the expense of the few?'”  When the company was sold and the buying company decided to fire him because he told them when they were making bad decisions, the remaining employees all began to plan their exit.  All out of loyalty to Curt.  A good manager doesn’t get productivity out of his people from fear, he inspires them to be the best they can be and makes them want to do it because of respect.

When I started my own company, I cleaned the bathrooms and did all the office cleaning, I tried to run things like Curt had and for the most part. I think I would have made him proud.  When things got tough, I stepped up and cut my own paycheck and my employees knew it.  After that, I noticed a marked increase in productivity, attitude and office morale.  I knew that I needed my employees and they knew that I valued them.

Unfortunately, there’s more than one way to do business.  I found a good first hand example this last summer. I had always heard of these places that employees hated, places that would give you a pit in your stomach when you thought about going into work each morning. But I had never really seen one. Even ATI was tolerable in comparison.  People who run their business that way can still make their business successful financially but I wonder what is the cost.  Here’s another analyst/consultant who I would say has no soul but who might be as successful as our first example (Norm Brodsky) http://www.entrepreneur.com/startingabusiness/startupbasics/article203238.html Mr, Cloutier’s advice is my perfect example of how not to run your business

I expect that George is in for a big surprise when he dies and finds out that he just wasted his entire existence.