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Corporate endorsement number 5 – Dropbox

A while back I designed a site for DLXEasyBackup.com. In fact, they haven’t changed it as of today. It’s been about 6 years now. They offer an online backup service, Kinda similar to mozy.com. It’s quite simple really, they are just running an install of Novell’s iFolder. A fine little product. In fact, I started using it not long after I designed it. I had 50 MB of storage and I could share the account with my other computers so that I could easily transfer files to and from all my computers. Later Will started using it when we started Main10. That worked pretty well. But it still wasn’t everything it could have been. And it wasn’t free. Eventually we set up our own file server and stopped using the iFolder.

Since we stopped working for Main10 full time and started working on QJuice, we have had some other options for sharing files but still nothing that felt perfect. Until now.

Enter DropBox.com. I don’t remember who showed it to me but I love it. http://www.dropbox.com Use this link please, it’ll get me some additional storage space.

I setup dropbox on my iPhone, home computer, work computer and my wife’s computer. Transfering files is about the same speed as you would expect but updating is lightning fast. The way they do it (as I understand it) is that they only update the parts of the file that are different. So I update a 30MB file and I have only changed about 50KB worth of its source, the update takes about 1 second. Maybe less. Depends on what Internet connection I am using.

Then it gets better. I can create a shared folder. I can send non-dropbox users a link and they can open the file in their browser. I can also send my friends a link to the shared folder and it shows up in their dropbox. So right now, I have a ton of things notifying me that Peter is saving and updating files in the MonaVie share, Will is updating things in the QJuice share, and Adam has updated a file in the Main10 Share. No one has to send me any files, no one has to use a little thumbdrive, we all just have the latest files.

So jury is still out as I haven’t been able to REALLY test the conflict resolution yet but so far it’s perfect. Yes, perfect. If I could go back in time and join up with a company when they were in startup mode, it would be dropbox. I’ll get around to the conflict resolution test sooner or later. Until then, just go try it out for yourself. https://www.dropbox.com