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Good Connections

You’ve read 3 Cups of Tea. Right?

English: Greg Mortenson's Portrait

Greg Mortenson (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Yeah, good. So you should also follow Greg Mortenson on Twitter. I did.  Today he asked a question that was perfect for a wedgie.

Yes, a wedgie.  A wedgie is a short poll question that can be tweeted and voting can be done just by clicking one the links in the tweet.

So, I sent Greg a reply.  I thought it would be cool to see the results to his question in a wedgie.  So he created a wedgie from his question. Cool huh?

So then I was feeling so neat that Greg had taken my advice that I had to send a tweet to the guys over at wedgies.  Who then thanked Greg for using and offered any help he needed.

Who then replied, thanking them for a great product and offered his help, if there was anything he could do.

So, I kind feel like I just introduced one of this generations most influential philanthropists with the leaders of a hot new up and coming website.

That’s a good connection I would say.

This must be how Joel feels all the time.

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