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The Young Author

The Young Author
So my son just started blogging. Real blogging that is.  He’s had a BlogSpot blog for quite a while and has been fairly casual about it but he writes pretty good posts.  I recently added adsense to some of my sites and he’s excited to be able to earn a few extra dollars the same way.  So we setup his blog tonight and he has been c [...]

Book 23 – Good To Great by Jim ...

Book 23 – Good To Great by Jim Collins
A few months ago I posted that I one of the goals in my bucket list was to read 1000 books.  And well, I promptly stopped reading.  Shame on me. See, I have the tendency to get busy working and living and forget my goals sometimes.  Just to be fair though I am doing pretty good on my goal to practice golfing. I even took Jonathan out for 9 ho [...]